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How to make a wig

Dec 27,2021

  • Measuring the Wearer’s Head
    1. Measure around the head at the hairline
    2. Measure down the center top of your head
    3. Measure from one ear to the other
  • Forming the Wig Foundation
    1. Transfer your measurements to a wig block
    2. Nail cotton ribbons to the block
    3. Apply wet cotton lace
    4. Try the foundation on
  • Preparing the Hair
    1. Choose real
    2. Sort and pull the hair
    3. Place the hair in between drawing mats
  • Creating the Wig
    1. Pick out the right ventilating needle
    2. Pull the hair through in a loop and knot it onto the lace
    3. Work from the neck up
    4. Vary the direction
    5. Cover the ribbons
    6. Sew in steel springs
    7. Make the part and style the wig
    8. Make the final fit.
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